Every great picture begins with the written word.

Benthic Pictures means filmmaking by Lexia Snowe, a screenwriter and director-in-progress. Her mission is to make smart, durable entertainment characterized by an inventive and passionately crafted script.

As part of a five-year plan, Lex will write and direct a number of short films and a feature film in the crime, thriller and action genres. Read more about Benthic Pictures, Lex's photography projects, or get in touch.

Benthic Pictures

benthic, adjective
describes the lowermost ecological region of an ocean, including the sea floor and the sedimentary layer

motion picture, noun
creative collaboration building on the lowermost layer of the screenplay

benthic pictures
films made by screenwriter lexia snowe

Working On

Aug 2019
Pre-production for short crime suspense film 'Song' (9 mins). Read more about short films in progress →

Dec 2018
Reshooting of interior scenes for short adventure/quest film 'Jon' (working title, 8 mins), which were originally shot with a GoPro (with disappointing results). See a gallery of stills from the film-in-progress →